About EasyServices by EasyCloudHost.de

Our mission is to help you scale through smart solutions

We have spent way too much time with tedious DevOp-Tasks in the past, which can easily be automated. This is how the idea of EasyServices at EasyCloudHost.de was born.

I, Justin Güse, am the founder of EasyCloudHost.de and Datafortress.cloud. After working for Porsche Holding in an innovation/data science division, where I developed many projects ranging from Big Data to Virtual Reality (see portfolio), I decided to found my own company. During my time at Porsche, I observed that many agencies or consultants do not have the main goal to satisfy their clients’ needs as the main priority, but rather how to achieve the minimal needed tasks in the shortest amount of time.
Our mission is to help you scale through smart solutions

The great story starts with a great team

Justin is a Freelance Data Engineer / Solution Architect working on AWS and Kubernetes projects,

where he helped customers to make use of their data. Whilst working on these projects, he soon discovered that a lot of parts were repetitive, and programmed own little helper scripts and SAAS applications to make his life easier. Soon he discovered, that his collection of tools and services could be wrapped into a whole new offering, and help other people struggling with the same problems.

What We Offer?

Start-to-End solutions. We do not like to consult, and then leave the task. With us, you will get a full solution. In our proposal, we will detail each part seperately, meaning you can choose and select different packages, giving you full transparency.

  • Full Transparency
  • Complete solutions, not just consultation
  • Getting things done mentality


When starting to work with us, we are first analyzing your status quo. What can be improved? What is already existing?

Accept our proposal

We will propose different solutions seperately. Meaning you can choose what you want, and what can wait.

Quick results

We like to work fast. You will stay informed about what we do, and we will get to work immediately.



Only the best quality establishes a trust-based relationship and develops long-term cooperation.



We utilize a strategy called rapid prototyping, which iterates and presents you with several milestones during our development, to both test ideas, and avoid a final product that does not fit your requirements.



To achieve our task and to give the best fitting consultation, we are constantly scouting and applying the newest technology to stay an industry leader.



No one should ‘guess’ what can work or not. We are constantly tracking and adapting our processes depending on data.

Values We live by

Our Core Values

You should not have to worry about speed of your servers, or resource limits. Focus your attention on where your business needs it, and leave the handling of technology to us. We are experts in Hosting of Data and Applications according to EU and German regulations, and can scale deployments easily using either the public cloud like AWS, or a private Datacenter which runs Kubernetes.

Experts for every Topic

Some of our Team members

With us, you will get an expert for every topic

Justin Güse

Justin Güse

CEO & Co-Founder

Ralph Edwards

Frontend Developer

Kathryn Murphy

Kathryn Murphy

Support & PM