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How secure is my data in EasyServices?

Our datacenters of our hosting provider (Hetzner) are heavily guarded and all communication happens SSL encrypted, unless your service is using something else on purpose. Hetzner is one of the biggest providers in Europe, and is historically reliable.
Traffic is SSL encrypted, using the newest TLS 1.3 protocol, and isolated using custom subnets of Kubernetes.
If you are using multi-zone services the network SLA is 99.9%. If one datacenters fails services are automatically transacted to the second datacenter in seconds, therefore avoiding downtime.
If the problem is caused on our end help is free, but unless bigger cloud providers we are offering consultation and developer hours as well. You do not have to worry about anything, and we can fully support you in your cloud transformation.
By default we are hosting in Germany, N├╝rnberg and Falkenstein. But you can choose hosting in the US and Finland as well.
Payments are done using Stripe, a secure and easy to use payment provider. We accept several credit cards, Klarna, Sofort and a lot of other payment solutions.
Just contact us to get a free 15 minute consultation, and let’s discuss what service is best for you. is a product of the company UG. Therefore, your contract partner will be, whilst and EasyServices are rather a product sold by