Managed Databases

You just want your databases to run, not caring about scaling, availability or downtime?

EasyDB is your solution

Why a managed database?

Hosting your own databases can be tricky, especially for the following situations:

  • What happens if the database version is old and it gets hacked?
  • What happens if I accidentally delete my database? Is there a backup?
  • What happens if the datacenter is offline?
  • What will my customers say if they can not log in?
  • How much revenue will I loose if I do not have access to my data?
  • What happens if my website gets bigger and the database can’t handle the load?

As you can see, it would be way easier to just use a database service, and let someone else worry about it. This is why we created EasyDB.

Data privacy issues in the public cloud

If you are from the financial or health industry, or in general from an industry using sensitive data, you can not have a data breach situation without destroying your business and loosing a lot of customers.

EasyDB is fully hosted in Germany, and therefore compliant with German and EU based law.

And on top of that EasyDB is giving you:

  • Automatic database updates
  • Database backups
  • SSL communication (LetsEncrypt certificate)
  • Autoscaling
  • Backup of your data in three availability zones
  • Distribution to two data centers if wished, to increase uptime
  • Optional hosting in the US and Finland
  • Postgresql (relational database / SQL database)
  • MongoDB (non-relational / NoSQL database)

EasyDB Pricing overview

Pricing for both MongoDB and Postgresql

EasyDB XSEasyDB SEasyDB MEasyDB LEasyDB XLCustom
Hosting in Germany
SSL/HTTPS (letsencrypt)
4 TB traffic / m
Free subdomain of
Multi AZ
Custom Domain
Dedicated Machines
Velero Backups
Horizontal Autoscaling
Volumes included [2]10 GB20 GB100 GB500 GB
Uptime guarantee80%95%99%99.9%
Nr nodes1133510
vCPU total1391530300
RAM GB total1392040400
Monthly payment
Comparable price [4]73$/m + nodes = 103$/m153$/m243$/m893$/m21.000$/mcustom

We can offer Backups and everything for smaller packages as well, choose “custom” to get an individual offer

Prices are automatically converted to your local currency on checkout

[2] 10 GB Minimum, 10 TB Maximum per single volume

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    Consulting & Development

    Having a broad knowledge of Cloud, Data and DevOp technologies, we will be able to consult and help you with any project

  • Python, Go, Web & React programmers
  • ETL pipelines
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  • Cloud
  • Strategies and Business Decisions

  • Book a free 15-minute consultation to get an individual offer.